6 Reasons a Home Gym Helps You Stay on Track This Winter

6 Reasons a Home Gym Helps You Stay on Track This Winter

January brings about a fresh wave of motivation as we start the new year envisioning all the ways we can improve our lives. Unfortunately, New Year’s Resolution season is also the winter season immediately after the holidays - the coldest, darkest, gloomiest time of year.

Working out helps us gain both physical and mental health, but during the winter months, it can be difficult to stay motivated to continue your fitness routine. 

The cold weather, bad traffic, and the risk of getting sick alone are enough to keep even the most inspired resolutioner from the gym. 

But as much as we want to avoid winter’s inconveniences, we want to avoid neglecting our goals even more. The best way to stay motivated is to make our goals as easy as possible, removing obstacles where we can. And the best way to do that in the winter time is with a home gym.

Before we continue, we need to remind you that you don’t need a fully built out garage gym to work out from home. The first step is a pair of adjustable dumbbells.

In Photo: Pro Adjustable Dumbbells

6 Reasons a Home Gym Helps You Stay on Track This Winter

Avoid Getting Stuck in Traffic:

After a long day at work, the last thing you need is to get stuck in rush hour traffic… which, in the winter, is way worse with snow! In many cities, a little bit of snow can cause a shutdown on the road. Roads are icy and treacherous and other drivers are unpredictable - making it dangerous to drive to the gym. 

Stay Healthy, Avoid Getting Sick:

The early months of the year usually mark the flu season. People are more susceptible to getting sick due to the cold weather. Gyms, with its masses of people passing through and sharing equipment, are breeding grounds for viruses. By working out at home, we reduce our chances of getting sick. By maintaining our fitness routine, we can improve our health throughout the winter.

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Your Home Gym is Always Open:

With a home gym, you decide when it is most convenient for you to work out. Whether it's early in the morning before you get ready for work, during your lunch break, or even in the middle of the night. This flexibility allows you to schedule your workouts around your busy schedule.

Save More Time:

How many times have you walked around the gym, trying to find an available piece of equipment - precious minutes out of your day wasted just waiting for people to get off your phones? Having a home gym means you can pick up your gear and work out - no waiting around necessary. Bonus? You’re that much closer to a post-workout snack.

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Save Money:

Having a home gym will help you cut costs over the long term - at a time we could use extra funds the most. Save on gym membership fees and gas money. Investing in home gym equipment - even if it’s only a pair of adjustable dumbbells to start - will pay off with the time and financial savings you’ll make.

Focus on Your Workouts & Overcome Social Anxiety:

Starting out at the gym can be very intimidating. It feels like everyone knows way more than you do, you feel unsure about what you’re doing, and you’re so self aware - worried others are judging you, even if they’re definitely not. All of this, plus the bad music and lack of free equipment are enough to distract a newcomer from their workouts. By having a home gym, you can create an environment that helps you focus on your workout - without fears of judgment.

Home Gym Must Haves

Starter Adjustable Dumbbells

Replace 5 sets of dumbbells with a pair of Starter Adjustable Dumbbells, with weights from 5-25lbs.

Pro Adjustable Dumbbells

Choose between 5-52lbs or 10-90lbs of Pro Adjustable Dumbbells. The E-Z adjust weight system allows you to simply adjust the weight by twisting the handle.

Hex Dumbbell Set

Low odour and drop friendly rubber make this Hex Set a classic addition to your gym.

Low Height Squat Rack

Perfect for smaller spaces or basement gyms, the Low Height Squat Stand will keep you accountable at home.

Heavy Duty Bench

Our Heavy Duty Bench got an upgrade. Wide back, minimal gap - optimal comfort so you can focus on your lifts.

Start Your Home Gym Today

Staying motivated to work out is hard enough, and beginning a fitness routine in the wintertime has its own set of difficulties. You can overcome these challenges by starting a home gym. 

We hope this article supports you on your quest to a Better 2023. Let’s get after it, Better Body Fam!