BBE Home Gym Build Feature: Ryan Jensen's Fitness Journey

BBE Home Gym Build Feature: Ryan Jensen's Fitness Journey

We believe that training can transform lives - and that’s why we've committed to helping fitness enthusiasts create their own personal workout spaces. 

We understand that a home gym is more than just a convenience - it's a personal sanctuary and a commitment to physical and mental health. 

That's why we're excited to launch our Home Gym Build Feature series, where we spotlight individuals who've taken the leap to build their own home gyms. 

Today, we're thrilled to spotlight Ryan Jensen, a true outdoorsman living in northern British Columbia - whose love for fitness is not just a hobby, but a necessity.


Ryan's Fitness Journey and Decision to Build a Home Gym

Ryan's fitness journey is deeply rooted in his love for outdoor activities. "Being in shape and strong is not only necessary but can end up being a matter of life or death in the backcountry," he says. Inspired by Bert Sorin's man cave garage/gym, Ryan envisioned a space where he could train without limitations. His main requirement? A squat rack, specifically the Better Body Standard Squat Version 2.0.

Planning and Building Process

Ryan's home gym, nestled in a 230 sqft space that was once an old storage room in his basement, is a result of careful planning and hard work. Despite the challenges of framing square walls in an unsquare 80’s home and undoing some questionable DIY ideas from previous owners, Ryan persevered.


Essential Home Gym Equipment

At the heart of Ryan's gym are a few essential pieces of equipment. "Most important was a bar and squat rack. I love to squat and deadlift. After that the bench and adjustable dumbbells hit pretty much everything else," he shares. 

Ryan's must-have pieces from Better Body Equipment include the Premium Adjustable Dumbbell Set, the Better Body Power Bundle, and the Adjustable Premium Exercise Bench.

To make the best use of his available space, Ryan kept everything against the walls and left the middle space open. This arrangement allows him to easily move the bench in and out, lunge, deadlift, and more.

Design and Aesthetic Choices

Ryan's gym has a utilitarian feel, reflecting his "carry the boats" mentality. He's incorporated a Canadian flag, a safe, and a desk with monitors into the space, creating an environment that is both functional and motivational. Ryan says, "I’m not too big on creating inviting spaces. My gym has more of a utilitarian feel. I grew up with my dad's rusty weights in the garage. But as mentioned earlier, I will build something like Bert Sorin’s garage gym when I have the space to do it."

Budget and Investment

With a budget of about $5k, Ryan prioritized investing in quality equipment. "I spent more money on the equipment because it’s the most important aspect. The gym space turned out really nice but if all I could afford was to knock down the wall to make room that would have sufficed just fine," he explains.

Impact and Advice

Having a home gym has had a tremendously positive impact on Ryan's fitness routine and overall lifestyle. "It’s easy to make an excuse to miss the gym. But when you literally live at the gym there’s no excuse," he says. 

His advice to someone considering building their own home gym? "Anything is better than nothing. If you have room to lay out a yoga mat you have a home gym."

Ryan's journey from envisioning a home gym to making it a reality is a testament to his dedication and passion for fitness. 

His story serves as an inspiration for all of us, reminding us that with the right equipment and mindset, we can create a fitness sanctuary right in our homes. 


Follow Ryan’s journey by checking out his Instagram.

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