LA Recap: Building Home Gyms for Hyrox World Champion Hunter McIntyre and Fitness Influencer Claire Bear

LA Recap: Building Home Gyms for Hyrox World Champion Hunter McIntyre and Fitness Influencer Claire Bear

The Better Body team recently touched down on the city of angels to build out home gyms for 2 incredible athletes: Hyrox World Champion Hunter McIntyre and the inspiring Claire Stone, better known as Claire Bear.

On the ground to visit was Max and Scott - Max McKenzie is Better Body’s founder working hard day in and day out to support you - our everyday athletes. Scott Thompson is a Canadian hybrid athlete and the brains behind our social media, partnerships, and content.

Both Max and Scott love to train, and took this opportunity to get challenged by Hunter and Claire. 

[Pictured: Hunter McIntyre and The Better Body Team, Better Body Power Rack]

Introducing Hunter McIntyre

Hunter McIntyre is a Hyrox World Champion and a standout figure in the global fitness arena. Renowned for his exceptional athleticism and tenacity, he's not just a top competitor but also an inspiration to many. His blend of strength, charisma, and dedication has solidified his status as a leading icon in the world of fitness.

Hyrox is a global fitness competition that melds strength and endurance, challenging participants with a combination of 8 functional exercises interspersed with a total of 8km running. Designed for everyone from beginners to elite athletes, the event is standardized, ensuring all competitors, regardless of their location, face the same challenges. With categories ranging from individual to doubles and events hosted in cities worldwide, Hyrox stands as a testament to both mental and physical grit, inviting participants to test their boundaries in a unique fitness landscape.

Hunter’s Crib

When we arrived at Hunter's residence in LA, we discovered he's currently on a mission - training for the grueling Murph world record! For those unfamiliar, the Murph involves a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and yet another one-mile run, all performed wearing a weighted vest.

Our team had the opportunity to sweat it out with Hunter. Following his lead, we participated in a Murph-style workout, each at our individual pace. Hunter's only requirement? Commit to our rep numbers and see it through.

Hunter’s Tips:

  • You can train like the professional athletes you look up to! Follow their routines but take them at your own pace. Progression is key.
  • Every rep counts. Perfect your form like a gymnast being scored at execution.
  • Read, constantly. Knowledge is power.
  • Analyze to optimize. After every competition, break down your performance. Hunter meticulously evaluates every aspect of his game to improve.
  • Stay inspired. Hunter believes in the power of motivation. He places post-it notes with messages, including names of top athletes, around his training area.

Our Workout Routine with Hunter:

Hunter’s Murph preparation involves a 12-16 week program, commencing with 10 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. Each week, the intensity ratchets up by 2 reps. 

And the ultimate challenge? Completing the routine at race pace, without breaks!

For Hunter, we constructed a Better Body Power Rack - one of our most versatile pieces of equipment.

Introducing Claire Stone aka Claire Bear

Claire Bear, a renowned fitness influencer, had just moved into her new place and needed a quieter alternative to Gold’s Venice, her current gym. Enter Better Body Equipment. We transformed her devoted home gym space into a fitness sanctuary.

Claire’s new home gym includes: Better Body Weight Barbell, Bumper Plates, Hex Dumbbell Set, Premium Bench, and a Squat Rack

Our Workout Session with Claire:

We dived into an intense routine with Claire that included Deadlifts, Shoulder Press, Bulgarian Split Squats, and Bicep Curls.

[Pictured: Hex Dumbbell Set + Rack and Premium Bench]

Our LA trip was a fusion of hard work, inspiration, and fitness passion. 

Setting up home gyms for such dedicated fitness enthusiasts was an honour and we look forward to more connections. 

Check out our LA Recap Video for all the action!

Until next time!