Superhero Spotlight: Ronnie Coleman

Superhero Spotlight: Ronnie Coleman

Superheroes exist. But in the real world, they don’t wear capes. They are special individuals who push the limits of what it means to be human, inspiring others with their physical and mental accomplishment. In our Superhero Spotlight series, we aim to shed light on these extraordinary athletes.

Today, we turn our focus to Ronnie Coleman, a legendary figure in the world of bodybuilding and a true inspiration to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Who is Ronnie Coleman?

Bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman won Mr Olympia 8 times, and is known for his massive size and strength, with a peak weight of 300lbs or 136kg in his prime.

Born in Louisiana in 1964, Coleman started bodybuilding in college and pursued it full-time after winning his first competition. His training philosophy is based on lifting heavy weights with progressive overload.

While his incredible career was cut short by injuries, including multiple back surgeries, he continues to maintain an active lifestyle and inspires others through his motivational speeches and bodybuilding clinics. His success is attributed to his dedication, discipline, and hard work, making him an inspiration to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world, with a legacy that continues to inspire new generations of athletes.

He is a true superhero who has captivated the hearts of millions.

What Can We Learn From Ronnie Coleman?

Ain’t nothin to it but to do it - Hard Work and Perseverance Pays Off!

“There's no secrets or magic tricks to being successful in life. It's plain and simple. Work harder than everyone else and the only way to do that is to do it. It may sound silly but it's the truth and there aint nothing to it but to do it!” Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman's rise to the top of the bodybuilding world was not a stroke of luck. It was the result of relentless hard work and unwavering perseverance. 

Without perseverance, Ronnie could not have achieved some of his greatest lifts: squatting and deadlifting 800 pounds for two reps, bench pressing 495 pounds for five reps, and overhead pressing 315 pounds for 11 reps, and leg pressing 2,300-pounds for eight reps. 

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Consistency is Key.

“I loved challenging myself every day. The weight room was my therapy for everyday life stresses. No matter what I was doing I always wanted to be the best.” Ronnie Coleman

Maintaining a remarkable physique like Ronnie Coleman's is no small feat. It requires consistent effort and a disciplined lifestyle.

Building a home gym will help you get more consistent. Start with a pair of adjustable dumbbells, then build up to a squat rack and bench.

During his prime, Coleman was renowned for his rigorous training routines, with his workout split being the envy of many. He trained each muscle group twice as often as his competitors, enabling him to build muscle mass and strength at a faster rate. 

Unfortunately, his extreme squatting routine also led to some severe injuries.


Take care of your body. 

“When you love something as much as I love bodybuilding you don't have to do much extra to push yourself, it just happens. There were some tough times and when those came up I just used my mental strength to push through knowing that my mind controlled everything.”

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman's journey has not been without obstacles. Coleman has undergone 13 spinal surgeries that have left him with screws, cages, and bolts inserted in his back. As a result, he has lost the majority of his mobility and now requires assistance to move around.

This is a reminder that not even the GOATs are immune from injury. Prioritize your longevity and make sure you do what you can to prevent injury. 


Get equipped!

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Remember, you have the power to achieve greatness, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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