The Ultimate Garage Gym Guide

The Ultimate Garage Gym Guide

There’s a lot that goes into building your perfect garage gym. After all, you want this space to be your sanctuary - somewhere you are more than happy to skip the commercial gym for. 

It takes investments of time, energy and finances - as you’ll need to make space, find the right equipment, and lay it out strategically.

Despite all this effort, a garage gym is a major improvement to your fitness game. Having easy access to training at any time of day, without anyone else to bother you, makes the process worth it.

In this article, we go over:

  • Why The Garage Makes the Perfect Home Gym
  • How to Maximize Space
  • Garage Gym Must Haves
  • Garage Gym Building Hacks

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Better Body Standard Squat Rack, Hex Barbell, Plate & Barbell Rack, Manual Curved Treadmill

Why The Garage Makes the Perfect Home Gym

Working out at home tends to mean fewer interruptions, but if you have a large household, having a gym in the garage means you truly have your space. 

Not only are you able to work out in peace, your garage gym set-up means you have a dedicated space to throw around weight without fears of damaging your home. 

It’s also large enough to create an impressive, dedicated and customized space for your specific training style, whether you favour a large functional workout space or heavy strength training. 

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Better Body Standard Squat Rack, Hex Dumbbell Set & Weight Rack, Competition Barbell, Bumper Plates

How to Maximize your Garage Gym Space

So you want to convert your garage into a gym. But there’s so much stuff in there… It’s so overwhelming!

Don’t let this discourage you. 

We need to come to terms that we can’t just get rid of all the stuff in the garage. What we can do is claim back as much floor space as possible and create the most ideal and optimized layout for your garage gym. Every last square inch matters.

That means taking all those tools, storage boxes and seasonal boxes and being ruthless in your organization.

Don’t overlook your walls as a potential storage option. There are tons of affordable modular wall organization systems that you can install for your specific needs.

Get rarely used bins like Christmas decorations off the floor with hanging storage.

Make use of shelves to store your labeled tote bins for all other storage needs.

Garage Gym Must Haves


In Photo: Better Body Standard Squat Rack, Hex Dumbbell Set, Hex Barbell, Bumper Plates, Competition Barbell, Gym Floor Mats

The Better Body Squat Rack is the perfect home gym item for your squats, pull ups, bench press, and more. With a 2 point multi-adjustment mechanism, you'll be able to select the exact height you're looking for to start doing multiple movements right from your home.


In Photo: Better Body Weight Barbell, Standard Squat Rack, Hex Dumbbell Set, Gym Floor Mats

Load up the Weight Barbell with up to 700lbs of steel and start pumping.

A reasonable price for exceptional quality. We trust the durability and strength of this barbell so much that we’ve given it a lifetime warranty.

In Photo: Better Body Standard Squat Rack, Competition Barbell, Horizontal Plate Rack, Hex Dumbbell Set, Premium Bench

The Better Body Competition Barbell is the most premium bar we could get our hands on. 

The polymer-ceramic composite coating gives this barbell a bulletproof layer making it one of the most durable and premium barbells out there.

Fully machined, this bar is a feat of high level precision engineering. With dual knurl marks, you’ll experience increased grip so you can worry less about slippage and focus more on lifting.

Weight Plates 

In Photo: Better Body Bumper Plates, Better Body Machined Weight Plates


Bumper Plates

Each bumper plate is made of high density rubber molded around a steel insert - designed for durability, a dead bounce and protecting your weights, barbell and floor from damage.

The Better Body Bumper Plates are available in pairs or as sets and come with a 2 year warranty - so your investment is protected.

Machined Weight Plates

The plates are grooved for easy handling, stacking, and storage. The solid iron construction is high quality and rugged.

The Olympic-sized plates mean you can train at a standard. Whether you’re into competitive lifting or you appreciate the value of consistency, these Machined Weight Plates are a must have to pump some traditional iron.


In Photo: Better Body Premium Bench

With 13 adjustable back settings and 3 adjustable seat settings, our Premium Exercise Bench gives you full control over your angles so you can train every muscle.

Free Weights

In Photo: Hex Dumbbell Set & Weight Rack, Standard Squat Rack, Gym Floor Mats


In Photo: Air Bike

The Better Body Air Bike gets your blood pumping with cardio training capacities perfect for any home gym.

Get a full body cardio and strength training workout with a push, pull and pedal movement that gets harder the greater your effort.

Floor Protection

In Photo: Heavy Duty Gym Floor Tiles

Shield your floors from getting caught in the crossfire between you and your better self. Working hard shouldn’t be compromised for what's beneath your feet. That’s why we offer extra thick, extra durable rubber floor protectors. Challenge yourself with those heavier weights and don’t fret about dropping them.


In Photo: Plate & Barbell Rack, Low Height Squat Stand, Heavy Duty Bench, Weight Barbell, Machined Weight Plates

An organized space is a focused mind, and a focused mind connects with the muscle.

Stop wasting time climbing over a mess - streamline your setup with the Plate and Barbell Rack.

In Photo: Horizontal Plate Rack, Incline Squat Rack, Weight Barbell, Competition Plates

The Better Body Horizontal Plate Rack is your solution to a more organized home gym. This rack features 5 dividers, 2 slots for your barbells, a convenient grip, as well as 2 rear wheels for easy transport.

Garage Gym Building Hacks

We leave this article with some final tips:

  • Buy things that last and are protected by warranty if you don’t want to risk injury or repurchase.
  • If mood and music are important to you, figure out your sound and lighting set-up. Adequate lighting is necessary.
  • Consider a gradual build out. You can’t expect to get everything at once. Why don’t you start with 1 pair of Adjustable Dumbbells while you work on organizing your garage?

What Does Your Dream Garage Gym Look Like?

We hope this article helps you build your dream garage gym.

Check out our Garage Gym Collection.