Which Squat Rack is Right For You?

Which Squat Rack is Right For You?

Front, back, overhead, sumo - we never miss our heavy squat days.

Squats work the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and hip flexors, while also engaging the core, obliques, lower back and erector spinae (muscles in spine) simultaneously. They help strengthen your tendons, ligaments and bones - helping to keep our bodies flexible and agile as we age.

Including squats in your workout regimen takes your full body performance to a whole new level. 

Better Body Squat Rack Home GymIn photo: Better Body Power Bundle with Squat Rack 10-55 Lbs Competition Plates, Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack

Why do heavy squats?

Adding heavy weights to your squats helps strengthen our spine and bones in the lower body, resulting in improved bone density. Weighted squats are also known to increase testosterone production resulting in increased anabolic hormone release - hormones vital to muscle growth.

Did you know that squats can burn more calories than the treadmill per minute? 

When performed accurately, squats strengthen multiple large muscle groups at once; exerting maximum energy and increasing the calories burned per set. Squats require so much energy they increase your body’s metabolic rate, and over time, increase your metabolism. 

Squats are beneficial in so many ways whether it be glorious glutes, a strong core, stability, flexibility, fat burning - you name it. 

Consider adding your own personal squat rack to your home gym to elevate your workouts. 

Better Body Squat Rack Home Gym

In photo: Better Body Power Bundle with Squat Rack 10-55 Lbs Competition Plates, Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack

Adding a Squat Rack to Your Home Gym 

We all know that sometimes the hardest part of going to the gym is getting there. Working out at home is becoming increasingly popular post-pandemic. However, installing a home gym can be tedious and expensive so optimizing your home gym to get the most out of your space is imperative. The squat rack can provide an amazing full-body workout and should be a staple in everyone’s home gym. 

Time is money and efficiency is key. 

Squat racks allow you to perform exercises that work

multiple muscle groups at the same time. Compound exercises like these are an effective fat burner while improving your strength and building muscle mass.  Many exercises performed with the squat rack have several variations preventing you from becoming bored with your equipment (ie squats - back, front, overhead).

A personal spotter at home.

Having a squat rack in your home gym is basically having a personal spotter every workout. A squat rack allows you to lift heavier weights safely and without needing a lifting partner. The horizontal safety bars prevent the barbell from landing on you in the event you fall or drop the bar. If you are serious about lifting heavy, a squat rack provides an extra measure of safety while working out at home. 

More than just a squat rack.

Despite its name, squat racks can be used for a plethora of exercises. You can easily create a different workout for every day of the week. Try adding a bench to your set-up to maximize your workout versatility. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of exercises that you can try with a squat rack that don't involve squatting:

  • overhead press
  • shoulder shrugs
  • incline push-up
  • Pull-ups
  • bench press
  • inverted rows
  • hanging leg raises
  • barbell lunges
  • deadlifts and more

There are exercises for everyone whether you are looking to build muscle mass, tone, burn calories or lose weight. Try combining two exercises ie. overhead squat to shoulder press or deadlift to shoulder shrug, to really target your muscles and maximize your time. 

Which Better Body squat rack is for you? 

Better Body Foldable Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

Weight Capacity: 1000+ lbs
Size: H:  90”   W:  59”
Material: Heavy duty reinforced steel 
Warranty: 2 Years

Think you can't fit a squat rack in your small apartment? Think again. If you have a spare wall or a den, this easy to assemble Foldable Squat Rack with pull-up bar folds in when not in use, maximizing your space and your work-out efficiency. 

Better Body Low Height Squat Stand

Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs
Size: H:  73”   W:  54”
Material: Heavy duty reinforced steel 
Warranty: 2 Years

Living in a basement suite with a lower ceiling height? This compact squat rack is for you.

Better Body Power Rack

Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs
Size: H:  49”   W:  49”
Material: Steel
Warranty: 2 Years

Heavy lifters rejoice - you can finally squat heavy at home. This compact squat rack holds an impressive 2000 lbs weight capacity.

Better Body Power Bundle with Incline Squat Rack

Weight Capacity: 700 lbs
Warranty: 2 Years

This all in one kit includes a barbell, competition weight plates, incline squat rack, adjustable heavy duty bench and barbell collars - perfect for intermediate lifters looking for variety of exercises 

Better Body Power Bundle with Squat Rack

Warranty: 2 Years

This all in one bundle includes a barbell, machined weight plates, power rack, adjustable heavy duty bench and barbell collars.

Which one is for you?

When choosing your squat rack the most important factors to consider are quality and weight capacity. You want a strong, sturdy rack that can keep up with your weight requirements. 

If you are limited on space and size is a factor, there are many foldable options as well as compact options like the Better Body Power Rack coming in at 49” x 49”. If you have the space, we recommend the Better Body Power Bundle with Incline Squat Rack because it comes with all the items you need to incorporate heavy squats in your routine. 

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