Why You Should Still Build a Home Gym in 2022 - And Tips for When You Do

Why You Should Still Build a Home Gym in 2022 - And Tips for When You Do

Working out at home may have once felt uninspiring… but the pandemic forced drastic changes on the fitness industry, leading to a 49.6% increase in at-home fitness demand in 2021.

Pre-March 2020, the phrase ‘home workouts’ likely gave the mental image of bodyweight exercises on a yoga mat and a couple sets of dumbbells that are too light to properly train strength… An uninspiring environment that pushes us to get out the door and to the gym.

But as access to gyms faltered, Better Body arose out of necessity. We wanted to make home workouts effective and challenging, with efficient set-ups that allow progressive overload of full body strength training sessions - even in a tiny one bedroom apartment. This means supplying affordable, high quality and space saving home fitness equipment to the masses.

Since starting their home gyms, 7 out of 10 Americans are so confident in their ability to stay fit at home that they report no longer needing a gym membership

If you haven’t yet started building your very own home gym, now is a great time to start.

Even if gyms have opened up again, an investment in your home gym is an investment in a customized fitness solution that works around your lifestyle - keeping you fit, supporting your mental health, and saving you time and money.

In this article, we go over why you should still build your very own home gym in 2022… and tips for when you do.

Better Body Home Gym - Adjustable Kettle Bell and Exercise Mat

In photo: Better Body Adjustable Kettlebell, Exercise Mat & Adjustable Jump Rope

4 Reasons Why Working Out At Home is Better Than The Gym

Save Time & Money with a Home Gym

Monthly gym membership fees stack up over time, and expenses compound with costly gas prices if you need to drive to get there.

Imagine what you could do if you free up all that time you’d spend in traffic getting to the gym after work. By the time you get home, you’re exhausted and all there’s energy left for is to make a quick dinner and pass out in bed. 

While building a home gym requires some investment up front - you can customize what you purchase with what you really need. By thinking about your specific work-out goals, you can choose key pieces of equipment that will help you achieve them at home. And unlike monthly gym membership fees … after purchasing, you’ll never have to pay for your equipment again. 

You can also always make use of our financing solutions PayBright and PayTomorrow to create a payment schedule for your larger orders. 


Work Out in Comfort 

If it weren’t so frustrating in the moment, it’d be kind of comical how many uncomfortable situations we find ourselves in at our local gym. 

From the spitting and screaming powerlifters we can’t help but notice no matter how loud our music is… 

To the chatty acquaintance who won’t stop talking your ear off between sets…

And even simple hygiene, as we cringe approaching the only bench available - which is covered in sweat. 

A survey of 2000 Americans found that 1 in 2 people are intimidated by the thought of working out at a gym, and 32% feeling anxiety working out near someone who is extremely fit.

Life is stressful enough - why endure unnecessary stress when we’re just trying to get fit, especially when exercise is so important for maintaining mental health?

Having a home gym set-up makes our work-outs completely stress free. No stress from time constraints and getting stuck in traffic. No discomfort and distractions from other gym patrons. And no stress from people with poor hygiene at the gym!

At home, we can feel at ease to focus 100% on every movement - putting our own well-being first with no discomfort - except the discomfort our muscles experience. 

Access to Equipment

Speaking of discomfort... have you ever taken your pre-workout before coming to the gym at peak hours and seeing that every machine, every squat rack and every dumbbell is taken?

So you make your laps around the gym as your heart rate increases, you sweat from anxiety and cringe at how disgustingly busy it is… rushing to take every piece of equipment that opens up, and finishing your workout not even satisfied because you didn’t do what you came there to do.

This is not a problem when you work out at home, as your custom home gym is equipped with everything you need, with no one else to compete with.

Better Body Post Workout Meal High Protein Idea

Proximity to Kitchen and Pre / Post Workout Meals 

If we're going to the gym straight after work, we are less likely to be prepared with the pre-workout snack our bodies need for an effective work-out. 

Food is fuel, and with the right amount of carbs, protein and healthy fat we are able to push ourselves further and make the most out of each rep - gaining more strength and muscle mass as a result.

Post work-out sustenance is just as important, as our muscles need help restoring after being depleted of energy.

Another benefit of working out at home is how accessible our pre and post work-out snacks are! Forget speeding home while starving… just make your way to the kitchen and make a post-workout protein smoothie. Easy!

By keeping ourselves fuelled before and after our workouts, we can ensure that our efforts will create the most results.

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with all the benefits of working out at home… let’s move on to the next section - how to plan your home gym build.

Better Body Home Gym - Competition Plates & Barbell Power Rack
In Photo: Better Body Power Bundle with Squat Rack | 10-55lbs Competition Plates, Adjustable Weighted Vest

What to Consider When Building Your Home Gym 

There is no one size fits all - home gyms come in all sizes to suit all budgets. So what do you need to consider when building your home gym? 

First, we suggest looking around your space and see which areas could be converted into a semi-permanent or permanent home gym. 

Do you have space next to your bed where you can unroll a yoga mat and do a full body adjustable dumbbell strength training work-out?

Do you have space by your couch to place a foldable exercise bench?

Maybe your den could be repurposed as a semi-permanent home gym?

Or maybe you have access to a shed or garage that’s not in use for a full gym complete with power rack and a full set of dumbbells.

The size of your space will likely match the budget needed to fill it, too! A minimal but effective home gym set-up to fit in a small apartment will cost less than a full garage gym.

Next, consider what your fitness goals are, while being realistic about the space you have!

If you want to build muscle but live in a studio apartment, you probably won’t be able to fit a squat rack. But you will be able to gain power and muscle mass with a set of 90 lb adjustable dumbbells. 

However, if you have a den with empty wall space, you might be able to fit a folding squat rack.

Take a look at our previous article - Home Gyms for Every Size & Every Budget to get some ideas.

Better Body Equipment Home Gym Essentials

These are a few of the essential pieces of equipment for building a home gym. Which of these will fit your lifestyle?

Better Body Adjustable Twist DumbbellsIn Photo: Better Body Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Foldable Exercise Bench

Better Body Twist Adjustable Dumbbells
This set of adjustable dumbbells is available in either 5-44lbs or 5-70lbs - offering you workout versatility based on your goals. It has an easy to use twist mechanism for quick weight adjustments and a sleek space saving design that elevates your home work-outs. You can also grab a rack for optimal storage.

Better Body Home Gym BundleIn Photo: Better Body Home Gym Bundle - Includes Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Foldable Exercise Bench and Standing Rack

Home Gym Bundle
The Home Gym Bundle comes with the Better Body Twist Adjustable Dumbbells, Standing Rack and Foldable Adjustable Bench - everything you need for a space saving starter home gym.

Better Body Barbell and Weighted Plates, Exercise MatIn Photo: Better Body Exercise Mat, Better Body Barbell & Weight Bundle

Exercise Mat
Whether you’re protecting your joints or the floors, our Exercise Mat has you covered. This thick, durable mat with added padding supports your joints, tailbone, and spine when doing floor work and protects your floors from placing your weights down between sets. Perfect for smaller spaces.

Better Body Heavy Duty Rubber Floor TilesIn Photo: Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Floor Tiles
If you have a larger space designated for home-workouts - you may want these Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Tiles instead of the Exercise Mat. Easy to snap together to create whatever shape you need for your unique home gym layout. Durable, flexible and effective, the Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Tiles measures at 10mm thick and will stand the test of time.

Adjustable Jump Rope
In Photo: Better Body Adjustable Jump Rope

Adjustable Jump Rope
An update on a classic. The Better Body Jump Rope is a quick, space saving and budget-friendly way to get your cardio in. The rope length is adjustable ensuring you get the most efficient work-out. 

Better Body Adjustable Weighted Vest
In Photo: Better Body Adjustable Weighted Vest, Hex Dumbbell Set, Incline Squat Rack Power Bundle

Adjustable Weighted Vest
The Adjustable Weighted Vest is the antidote to plateaus. Add more weight to your regular workouts - and wear it for uphill repeats to kick it up a notch.

Better Body Adjustable Folding Bench
In Photo: Better Body Adjustable Folding Exercise Bench, Better Body Home Gym Bundle

Adjustable Folding Exercise Bench
The Better Body Foldable Exercise Bench is a sturdy, steel workout bench that will have your back even through your toughest reps. With 4 adjustable base settings, 7 different back angle settings and a 800lbs weight capacity, this workhorse was designed with versatility and durability in mind.

Folding Squat Rack
In Photo: Better Body Folding Squat Rack

Foldable Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar
Here’s the solution to when you're committed to lifting heavy but short on space. The Better Body Foldable Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar is constructed from heavy duty reinforced steel and can handle over 1,000 lbs of capacity. Go ahead and throw on an extra plate or two.

Power Bundle & Squat Rack
In Photo: Power Bundle with Squat Rack

Power Bundle with Squat Rack
If you’re ready to build power and strength endurance powerlifting and squatting, this bundle is for you. With plenty of weights to choose from, start building muscle mass no matter what your experience level is. Bench, Barbell, Weights, Rack and Collars included.

Get Started on Your Better Body At Home

Our mission is to make your journey toward your better mind and Better Body as easy as possible. 

We hope this piece helped you get a better idea on what you need to build your very own custom home gym, and helped you get the peace of mind that it’s more accessible than you think! 

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