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The Perfect Home Gym Starter Kit

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Better Body Pro Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Get started with your home workouts with the Better Body Pro Adjustable Dumbbells. Adjustable from 5lb to 52.2 lb with the twist of a dial. Replace 15 sets of dumbbells with this portable and space efficient solution.

Better Body Adjustable Bench

When working out from home, a bench is an absolute necessity. Unlock a wider range of workouts with this adjustable bench which features 5 angles of back adjustments and a weight capacity of 1000lbs.

Better Body Pro Stand

Changing between increments is now a breeze. Built to last, this dumbbell stand safely secures your dumbbells whilst not in use and makes for a great display in your home gym.

These are awesome. Such a space saver and good quality. Highly recommend these for your home gym.


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4.8/5 Rating

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